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Here are the first self developed photos of my India journey. For this I was standing in the darkroom for 10 hours. For many months I wasn't in there, so I took a while to get back the feeling for developing again. Especially in the first 2 hours I was inclined to stop, because nothing was looking good.

This photos I took one day, when I was walking around in Varanasi. On this day was Sivaratri, a festival dedicated for lord Siva, where many Nagababas came to the holy city on the holy Ganges river. It's typical for this caste that they walk around with little clothes or naked. Some of them rub ash into the skin, what was looking verry funny. It was on the end of my journey, when I had left nearly nothing of my money. So I gave my backpack to a flying friend, who was storing it in his home for free. These days I had with me only my camera, my sleeping bag and my bag with chess board, mini photography tripod and little stuff. The first night I did sleep on the floor of stones at the bank of Ganges river like many poor Indian visitors. The present for this was a wonderfull sunrise. I opened the eyes and looked beyond the river and in this moment the red fireball was rising out of the water - an unbelievable impression. Some Nagababas which saw me sleeping there invite me for the following nights to sleep with them in their tent, because it would be dangerous on the stones. I got food and Chai (indian tea) like many Indians offer his guests. The tent was build of bamboo and simple polythene sheet like all the other tents. But the photos I still didn't developed.