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Holy Festival

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This hindu fastival is one of the biggest highlight of the year, that celebrates the end of winter and the beginning of summer. Everywhere in all India the people are running around with smiling faces and throw each other with colors. Already some days before some of them wear the shiny clothes of the last year to show their happy feeling and riksha drivers carrys around big sacks of color. A small bag cost only 3 Rupee, what everybody can spend. Especially for the poor people the festival is a verry big event, when they can forget their dreary daylife for a moment.
In the days before the festival in a quarter with many shacks I saw children and adults hunting each other with colors. They ask me with kindly gestures if the can put some of it into my face, too. Of course I didn't say no an got a little foretaste of the following day. Everybody was shouting for joy and jumping around of me and singing Holy hai Holy hai - It's Holy It's Holy !

The day before the festival I got on the train to get to Delhi, from where my flight was going back to Germany. When it was geting darker I saw many bonefires in the landscape which symbolize the destruction of the evil demon Holika. The following morning in every town and tiny village along the way were celebrating.
When I arrived in Delhi all shops were closed and the steet normally filled was empty, because most of the tourists stayed cowardly in theiy hotels. Of course there where also adventure loving ones, which didn't want to miss this fun. Everybody wanted to put some powder into my face. So the color was changing all the time. It was looking verry hot. Just after the arriving in Delhi two boys were standing in front of me with a quarter filled bucket of lila color. They swinged it back, I said no no no, but in this moment I did feel the big splash.
The Holy festival was a wunderfull event on the end of my 100 day travel. For the verry last money of my bankruptcy last weeks I did buy (for the ten time more expensive price than the Calcutta one) many diffrent colors with which somewhen I'll make a hot photo shooting.