Here you find many photos about gothic, darkness, colorfull light games, my India-Travel and more ...
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  New Year's Eve at Bayreuth   (22 photos)
  On the Reeperbahn   (33 photos)
  With Sandra at Bremerhaven   (47 photos)
  International summer art workshop   (18 photos)
  Musik Theater at Kassel   (27 photos)
  Photo shooting with Alexandra   (25 photos)
        Artist style   (19 photos)
  9th Wave Gotik Treffen   (36 photos)
Stokers Night September 2001   (56 photos)
  Nude in glass factory   (34 photos)


  Mcleod Ganj   (30 photos)
  Calcutta   (36 photos)
  Holy festival   (37 photos)
Journey on train and placard   (17 photos)
  Varanasi   (32 photos)
Amritsar   (37 photos)


  Phil from Chicago   (19 photos)
  Kevin Huang from Toronto   (9 photos)

If possible contrast and brightness should be tuned
until you can see differences between the 13 grey scales