PLAYLIST 25.November 2001

1 Substanz T solution CD tripped experiences
2 Placebo Effect dawn&death CD galleries of pain
3 Pain Station suffocate CD dead is dead
4 Pain Station i think i want to CD dead is dead
5 Mentallo&theFixer vision CD noFurtherRestForTheWicked
6 Haujobb nezzwerk CD FreezeFrameReality
7 FrontlineAssembly infraRedCombat CD HardWired
8 Informätik atYourCommand CD DirectMemoryAccess
9 SkinnyPuppy stairs&Flowers(defWishMx) MCD Chainsaw
10 Object ececutionByNight CD part-timeParanoia
11 VelvetAcidChrist caught CD funWithKnifes
12 Assemblage23 kingOfInsects CD failure
13 CatRapesDog primetimeApocalypse CD Schizophrenia
14 Steril lies CD egoism
15 SuicideCommando t.v.obsession CD stored images
16 IC434 horsehead CD weathering skies
17 FrontlineAssembly providence MCD everythingMustPerish
18 XMarksThePedwalk t.o.l. CD meshwork
19 Second Decay egozentrik MCD familiar
20 MaoTseTungExp. irregularTime CD revlover
21 VomitoNegro theManFactory LP V/A electronic
22 Bad Sector ampos CD ampos
23 Apoptose nidstang CD nordland
24 Starfish Pool wonder/mentalSlowed CD theGoldenCycle
25 Tho-so-aa absorb CD absorb
26 Sinus fleetingPerception CD from MortalConstrain to Sinus