PLAYLIST 2.Dezember 2001

1 DinFiv live for today CD escape to reality
2 Digital Factor final solution CD relationchips
3 Synaesthesia alien intruder CD embody
4 Snog hey,christian god CD dear valued customer
5 Pain Station i think i want to CD dead is dead
6 Trial star CD zero feeling
7 Trial circles CD blut & eisen
8 Trial fear CD secret pain
9 Trial aids CD zero feeling
10 THX holy city zoo CD living in purgatory
11 Abscess dead days CD in your mind
12 Majestic i feel CD no words,no misunderstandings
13 Seven Trees overload CD embracing the unknown
14 Zwischenfall flucht '84 CD gestern und heute
15 Notstandskomitee uhrwerkwelt CD strom
16 Force Dimension exitment CD kitty hawk
17 Clan of Xymox equal ways CD subsequent pleasures
18 Tri - State dogma CD synopsis
19 Individual Totem radar trance CD s.e.t.i.
20 Synaesthesia door to the otherside CD embody
21 Dead Can Dance frontier CD dead can dance
22 Trisomie 21 another move CD side by side
23 Gods die later carmosa CD delirium
24 Dead Can Dance musica eternal CD dead can dance
25 Bad Sector/Contagious Orgasm bad orgasm.pulse CD vacuum pulse