PLAYLIST 13.Januar 2002

1 X-Dream out of your control CD radio
2 Binar Code anorexia MCD $nbsp;
3 Terence Fixmer fixated robot warrior CD muscle machine
4 Green Velvet stop lying CD whatever
5 Andrea Parker in two minds CD kiss my arp
6 Skinny Puppy first aid CD Doomsday
7 Allied Vision embodied screw CD man must be overcame
8 Allied Vision confession of dementia CD -//-
9 Seven Trees submission CD embracing the unknown
10 DinFiv time of death CD infinity
11 Decoded Feedback coming down CD overdosing
12 Kalte Farben reality dust CD opium
13 Benestrophe sensory deprivation CD sensory deprivation
14 Silent Invasion a room in hell CD the dead born content
15 Serpents das 2. Leben CD terminal breath
16 Plastic Noise Experience memory flow CD transmitted memory
17 S.P.K. day of pigs CD Leichenschrei
18 Clock DVA the reign CD Burried dreams
19 The invincible spirit AOU! MCD AOU!
20 Nine Inch Richards closer to hogs CD MCD closer to hogs
21 Pouppee Fabrikk transformation CD portent
22 Shift u-u MCD electrofixx
23 Adult side-swiped CD resuscitation
24 Bad Sector tool 10 MCD survival tools
25 Coph Nia holy war pt.1 MCD holy war
26 Pieter Nooten & Michael Brooks searching CD sleeps with the fishes
27 Donnacha Costello day retch CD together is the new alone
28 Autechre foil CD Amber
29 Fargo Soundtrack Main theme  
30 Backworld bed of stone CD Anthems from the pleasure park
31 Bad Sector tool o1 CD survival tools
32 This Mortal Coil Tarantula CD Filigree and shadow
33 Clock DVA the sonology of sex I CD burried dreams