PLAYLIST 28.Januar 2002

1 Michael Garrison the search CD in the regions of sunreturn and beyond
2 Smash TV 3 CD electrified
3 Cabaret Voltaire walls of jericho CD the living legends
4 Dominion the parade of sin CD lost
5 Chris & Cosey heartbeat CD heartbeat
6 Throbbing Gristle a debris of murder CD assume power focus
7 Monte Cazazza extinction part 2 CD V/A deepnet
8 Full Dynamic Range lost generation CD lost generation
9 XMarks the Pedwalk paranoid illusions (sky mx) CD paranoid illusions
10 Psyche nightmare CD A/A zoom
11 In Slaughter Natives sacrosants bleed CD recollection
12 In The Nursery twins CD twins
13 Fracture hell CD hell
14 Fracture on earth CD hell
15 Esplendor Geometrico hemen nago CD polyglophone
16 Speedy J patterns CD public energy no.1
17 VIP chrome 13 CD position chrome
18 Monophace keep forgetting CD cinemascope
19 OMD of all the things we've made CD peel sessions
20 Full Dynamic Range sir freddy 1 CD lost generation
21 Camouflage winter CD V/A treasury...
22 Soil & Eclipse whispering trees CD archetype EP
23 Absolute Body Control melting away CD eat this
24 Placebo Effect dawn & death CD galleries of pain
25 Einstürzende Neubauten total eclipse of the sun MCD total eclipse of the sun
26 Pink Floyd welcome to the machine CD wish you were here
27 Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio hunting for the black september CD Make love and war ;the wedlock of roses