PLAYLIST 10.Februar 2002

1 Communication Zero she's alone CD V.A.Boredom Promo
2 Thee Hyphen signal CD V.A.Boredom Promo
3 Hocico wounds CD signos de aberracion
4 Hocico bloodshed CD signos de aberracion
5 Benestrophe lessors of 2 evils CD V.A.awake the machines
6 Out Out protoplasm CD pepperbox muzzle
7 KMFDM stray bullet CD symbols
8 The MaoTseTungExperience clowns in heaven CD revlover
9 Clock DVA delta machines CD digital soundtracks
10 Individual Totem subsistence CD mind sculptures flesh
11 LFO simon from sidney CD frequencies
12 Snog the prole song CD buy me...
13 Arbre Noir serpent CD serpent
14 Digital Blood troubles CD V.A.Boredom Promo
15 Leaether Strip torture CD positive depressions
16 NIN happiness in slavery MCD fixed
17 Numb dirt CD blood meridian
18 System 01 from psychedelics to cybernetics CD s/t
19 Birmingham6 policestate(confrontation) CD policestate
20 Invincible Spirit provoke you CD current news
21 Electrosmog samplepool has 24 degrees CD promo
22 Halo_gen meme (recessive) CD
23 Halo_gen meme (dominant) CD s/t
24 Tho/so/aa integradet CD absorb
25 Polygon confrontation CD mental border
26 Tho/so/aa lost in experimental garbage CD absorb
27 Trauma julien CD fractal 1