PLAYLIST 7.April 2002

1 ad nauseam   CD gag
2 scapegoat   CD under the flag
3 back to nature maxi  
4 jump   CD gag
5 love parasite   CD under the flag
6 collapsing new people   CD gag
7 coitus interruptus   CD fireside favourites
8 swallow it   CD incontinent
9 under the flag   CD under the flag
10 the ring   CD gag
11 life on the line   CD under the flag
12 newsreel   CD fireside favourites
13 blind eyes   CD incontinent
14 Autopilot electro pamphlet CD world receiver
15 Plastic Noise Experience city of lies CD rauschen
16 Plattenvorstellung: Instrict Confidence  
  Icon of coil  
17 Front 242 offEND CD OFF
18 Kraftwerk der telefonanruf CD electric cafe
19 Substanz T semuta CD intersolar
20 Dom + Roland remote view CD industry
21 Soma sleepwalker
( reformatted I )
MCD Sleepwalker
22 Bola magnasushi CD fyuti
23 Swamp Terrorists i spit on you CD grim - stroke - disease
24 Stereo Taxic Device 100 per day extinct CD 100 per day extinct
25 Polygon veil of despair CD lost traces
26 Coil the anal staircase CD horse rotorvator
27 Tone Casualities blind timefold CD Involution
28 Duet Emmo or so it seems CD or so it seems
29 Joy Division day of the lords CD permanent