PLAYLIST 14.April 2002

1 The Sabres of Paradise ballad of nicky mcguire V/A Dream Injection 2
2 Omni Trio who are you (aqua sky mx) CD the haunted science
3 Autechre eggshell CD inculabula
4 Mortal Constraint clouds CD the legend of deformation
5 Breathe which can never hurt me CD the laughing dolls
6 Abscess dead days CD in your mind
7 LFO we are back CD frequencies
8 Alien Skull Paint underground CD appering from the inside
9 WE. can you touch the past CD we.
10 Zwischenfall milionen - CD gestern und heute
11 Black Lung the more confusion...the more profit CD the depopulation bomb
12 Soma stygian vista CD the inner cinema
13 Sons Of Nippon sepuku beat (tokyo mx) CD sepuku beat
14 For A Space the phoenix case CD welcome 4000
15 Tapeworm chemical V/A dream injection 2
16 Coil a cold cell CD for beginner
17 Bola vm8 CD fyuti
18 Halbschlaf/Polygon 1.1 - 1.3 CD Kalt
19 Pail paver structure CD epidemic
20 Ajucca babylon 2004 a.d. CD a green leavy ...
21 Phonem ilisu CD ilisu
22 Beefcake phenylethylamin CD polycontrale contra punkte