PLAYLIST 21.April 2002

1 Praga Khan far beyond the sun CD twenty first century skin
2 Stigma laboratories of crime CD inhumanity
3 Putrefy Factor 7 regulation(mental voi) MCD regulation
4 Pulse Legion release CD one thing
5 Mentallo & The Fixer pulse hemorrhage CD revelation 23
6 Numb dirt CD blood meridian
7 Leaether Strip red meat attraction CD solitary confinement
8 VAC the hopeless CD neuralblastoma
9 Click Click what a world CD rorschach testing
10 Lescure 13 kiss me, she's dead V/A vertigo 01/96
11 C-Tec i die tomorrow CD cut
12 Chris & Cosey dancing ghosts CD collective 1-4
13 Psyche dreamstreet CD mystery hotel
14 Mesh let them crush us MCD leave you nothing
15 The Human League the word before last CD reproduction
16 Jean Michel Jarre ethnicolor CD zoolook
17 Andrea Parker empty words EP the dark ages
18 Polygon titan 2.1 - 2.5 CD Kalt