PLAYLIST 5.Mai 2002

1 Interlace equus CD innuendo
2 Interlace soul of a new machine CD innuendo
3 Digital Factor mindbooster CD relationships
4 Front 242 don't crash MCD politics of pressure
4 Tommi Stumpff gnadenlos CD ultra
5 Insekt perfect crime CD stress
6 Placebo Effect digital transmit CD manipulated mind control
7 Evils Toy no life CD human refuse
8 Trial circles EP blut & eisen
9 CD Besprechung -   nocd
10 Mentallo & the Fixer goliath CD burnt beyond recognition
11 Skinny Puppy tormentor CD too dark park
12 Paracont statics CD zoom
13 XMTP danger CD airbacktrax
14 Cat Rapes Dog 12" love CD maximum overdrive
15 Pouppee Fabrikk where are you ? CD we have come to drop bombs
16 Klinik colour of your heart CD - Box
17 In Strict Confidence sudorific CD cryogenix
18 Nitzer Ebb let beauty loose CD that total age
19 Oomph ! sick song MCD der neue gott
20 Vomito Negro the needle CD human
21 Tilt ! bloody hands CD aliens & orgasm
22 Nigra Nebula i can smell CD life after life
23 Click Click headf CD rorschach testing
24 Kloq what you are CD MS what you are
25 Mentallo & the Fixer radiant CD burnt beyond recognition
26 Apoptose zuflucht CD blutopfer