PLAYLIST 12.Mai 2002

1 Clock DVA the hacker(viral version) CD collective 1
2 Sven Väth robot CD the harlequin-the robot and the ballet dancer
3 Cleen freezeout EP designed memories
4 Needle Sharing clicks per second CD panacea shares needles with tarmvred
5 Noise Unit sloth CD drill
5 Tommi Stumpff zu spät CD mich kriegt ihr nicht
6 Klinik hours and hours CD the klinik
7 Anthony Rother human made CD sex with the machines
8 Little Computer People electro pop CD electro pop
9 Kraftwerk europa endlos CD trans europa express
10 DAF verschwende deine jugend CD gold und liebe
11 F.P.A.C. mentally deviant victims CD campaign
12 I Parasite piety CD turin plattenveriss "wellenreiter in schwarz"
13 Index static sky CD sky laced silver
14 Force Dimension lasergunn CD deus ex machina
15 Ostara bavaria CD kingdom gone
16 The Tear Garden crying from outside CD to be an angel blind, the crippled soul divide
17 Radio Eichenlaub assassin CD s/t
18 Nocturnal Emissions explorer no.1 CD binary tribe
19 Stupor albus CD tristitia
20 Lustmord heresy part 1 CD heresy
21 F.P.A.C. control is no longer CD campaign
22 Djwhal Khul a child of god CD schächtungskind
23 Radio Eichenlaub strike down yesterday CD s/t