PLAYLIST 2.Juni 2002

1 Mortal Constraint time V/A sonic dawn
2 Benestrophe future tense CD auric fire
3 Yelworc sacred city
(extended version)
CD blood in face
4 Pain Station empty CD anxiety
5 Skinny Puppy dig it CD doomsday
6 Will crowning glory CD pearl of great price
7 Leaether Strip the return of the evil one CD serenade for the death
8 Ringtailed Snorter absolute void CD sexual child abuse
9 Chinese Black re-ligion CD mainstream
10 Witt Plattenbesprechung
11 Index night's plutonium shore CD ultra hard shadow
12 Olaf Schubert Faschisten haben niemals zeit  
13 XMTP sweep hand (timeless) CD drawback
14 E.C.M. bastard (quiet) CD ambivalence
15 Croc/Shop wrong CD
16 Battery betrayal 3.0 CD aftermath
17 Klinik nautilus
( ah cama sotz mx )
18 Vomito Negro another forest MCD save the world
19 Bola magnasushi CD fyuti
20 Chinese Black holocaust CD directors cut
21 Assemblage 23 king of insects CD failure
22 The Tear Garden tear garden CD tired eyes slowly burning
23 Legendary Pink Dots the more it changes CD the golden age
24 Body 11 hearts CD 7"
25 Thomas D. auf dem planeten des ewigen regens CD lektionen in demut