PLAYLIST 9.Juni 2002

1 Synaesthesia door to the other side CD embody
2 Velvet Acid Christ rain for 27 days CD fate
3 Olaf Schubert urbane pölemik CD die 17 besten hördialoge
4 The Ambush casablanca DCD dream injection 3
5 Atomine Elektrine atom CD elemental severance
6 Andrea Parker in two minds CD kiss my arp
7 Ausgang Verboten manhatten jazz V/A trans europa
8 Monastery believe V/A biotech 02
9 Dead Eyes Opened marilyn V/A trans europa
10 Bliss Array morning sickness V/A biotech 02
11 Numb the hanging key CD s/t
12 Plastic Noise Experience metamorphose EP smalltown boy
13 Anthony Rother god of the gods (unreleased)
14 Rational Youth coboloid race MCD s/t
15 Adult the men you'll never see V/A 12"
16 John Foxx/ Louis Gordon underpass CD exotour
17 Dive in the glasshouse V/A the digital space between
18 Bad Sector ampos CD ampos
19 Lustmord blood deep in dread CD metavoid
20 Apoptose zu füßen der mutter CD blutofer
21 Form/Alkaline wash Demotrack
22 Kirlian Camera blumen CD schmerz
23 Coph Nia doppelgänger CD that wich remains
24 Stupor sorath CD tristitia
25 Bola vm8 CD Fyuti