PLAYLIST 14.Juli 2002

1 Aphex Twin on (-zik remix) V/A dream injection 3
2 Artist Unknown anthem CD future
3 The Human League the black hit of space CD travelogue
4 Benestrophe sensory deprivation CD sensory deprivation
5 Panic On The Titanic voice of god CD alchemism
6 Dismantled on your knees  
7 Skinny Puppy sleeping beast CD remission & bites
8 Frontline Assembly landslide CD state of mind
9 Project Pitchfork lost youth of a prisoner CD dhyani
10 Clock DVA the unseen CD buried dreams
11 Alec Empire blutrote nacht über berlin CD generation starwars
12 Disastrous Din glasshouse CD 1
13 Dive take your dreams away CD concrete jungle
14 Echo West engelstür LP signalisti
15 Smash TV electronic boy CD electrified
16 Haus Arafna paranoia 7" last dream of jesus
17 Jeff & Jane Hudson los alamos CD flesh
18 Invincible Spirit contact MCD contact
19 Nitzer Ebb come alive EP as is
20 Concrete Nature thrillseeker CD encrusted
21 Gracious Shades tragicc CD aberkash
22 Panic On The Titanic souviens toi CD gold,clouds,desire
23 Index mesh life + word processor CD faith in motion
24 Cat Rapes Dog true love DCD schizophrenia
25 Fad Gadget ricky's hand liveversion  
26 Snog old atlantis CD third mall from the sun