PLAYLIST 28.Juli 2002

1 Dismantled circular CD dismantled
2 Abscess raise up CD in your mind
3 Concrete Nature inside me (mx) MCD plasma drip
4 Object innocent and intricate CD the reflecting skin
5 The Holocaust Humanity whirlwinds CD s/t
6 The Holocaust Humanity corporate CD s/t
7 Mortal Constraint time V/A sonic dawn
8 Doubting Thomas father don't cry EP s/t
9 Noise Unit firing line CD decoder
10 MC1R don't speak CD demo
11 Placebo Effect poison tree CD galleries of pain
12 Andrea Parker in two minds CD kiss my arp
13 Individual Totem radar trance CD S.E.T.I.
14 Lassigue Bendthaus cloned 1 CD cloned
15 Numb blind (MATF mx) V/A the o - files vol.3
16 Mentallo & the Fixer virtually hopeless CD where angels fear to tread
17 The Aphex Twin dodeccaheedron CD classics
18 Click Click whiteout CD the o - files vol.3
19 Newt abyss CD - 273C
20 Tubeway Army down in the park CD replicas
21 OMD of all the things we've made CD peel sessions
1979 - 1983
22 Moksha eggshell CD a people undone
23 Cabaret Voltaire seconds too late CD the living legends
24 Mentallo & the Fixer radiant CD burnt beyond recognition