PLAYLIST 18.August 2002

1 Tekniq formant CD compuglobalhypermeganet
2 Tekniq sensory CD compuglobalhypermeganet
3 Press To Transmit drift CD outer dislocations
4 Press To Transmit mixed areas CD outer dislocations
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5 For A Space the phoenix - case CD welcome 4000
6 Beefcake 4.25 CD coincidentia oppositorum
7 Unit blue/grey wallpaper CD the narcoleptic symphony
8 Authentik a 10 CD preamplified
9 Xingu Hill the nature of the beast CD fiction
10 Djwhal Khl tangpansen CD schächtungskind
11 Soma soma romanz (clovus) CD hollow earth
12 Steril no remission CD transmission pervous
13 Stromkern heretic 1 (inquisition) EP flicker like a candle
14 Johnson Engineering Co. the gentle art of killing a man  
15 Object blood patch
(tri - state remix)
CD the reflecting skin
16 Velvet Acid Christ disflux (feed back mix) CD church of acid
17 Dismantled circular CD s/t
18 Swamp Terrorists nightmare CD grim - stroke - disease
19 Tilt! starve to death CD aliens & orgasms
20 Press To Transmit jungle rot (rmx for ) CD outer dislocations
21 Squarepusher/AFX freeman hardy & willis acid V/A wap 100
22 Atomine Elektrine sagittarius cloud CD archimetrical universe
23 Tekniq digawerk CD compuglobalhypermeganet