PLAYLIST 15.September 2002

1 Passarani zep tepi CD 6 katun
2 Passarani a-tek CD unspeakable future outbreaks
3 Gridlock voiceless (vcam rmx) CD trace
4 Gracious Shades he used a gun/nightmares CD inoculation of the media
5 Fiction 8 in the dark CD dissonance inDifference
6 Fiction 8 strangers in the garden CD dissonance inDifference
7 Invincible Spirit destruction CD can sex be sin
8 yelworC dreamless vision CD brainstorming
9 Mortal Constraint prayer for the rain V/A sonic dawn
10 Signal Aout 42 to paint CD immortal collection 1983-1995
11 Blind Vision d.d.f. MCD don't look at me
12 X Marks The Pedwalk zest CD freaks
13 Borghesia discipline CD resistance
14 Blok 57 burn baby burn CD s/t
15 Morgue promising future CD the mind is a labyrinth
16 Covenant Plattenbesprechung
17 Digital Factor final solution CD relatiochips
18 Vomito Negro chicago cave CD shock
19 Makai beneath the mask CD millennium
20 Dom + Roland remote view CD industry
21 VIP chrome 13 CD position chrome retrospective
22 Tim Schuldt evil playground CD single collection
23 Thomas Krome electro bitch 12" bitches from hell
24 Bola aguilla CD soup