PLAYLIST 22.September 2002

1 Halo_gen nVIR CD s/t
2 Cortin bite club CD demo
3 Xingu Hill nature of the beast CD ficton
4 MC 1 R american psycho CD demo
5 Pail infected CD epidemic
6 Pail shadows CD epidemic
7 Kalte Farben innocents CD trust
8 Aircrash Bureau time to die V/A body rapture
9 Dupont money CD ukraina
10 Frame Of Mind is love.. V/A body rapture
11 Dupont expo2k CD ukraina
12 Benestrophe d.c.o. V/A dora blue
13 Concrete Nature daydreamer EP manslaughter
14 Front Line Assembly shutdown CD gashed senses & crossfire
15 Invincible Spirit faster life MCD faster life
16 Velvet Acid Christ caught CD fun with knives
17 Laibach sympathy for the devil
(time for a change)
EP sympathy for a devil
18 Leaether Strip i wanna hate you CD legacy of hate and lust
19 Nic Endo one night domination CD cold metal perfection
20 Ah-Cama-Sotz none of this is true CD terra infernalis
21 Synapscape deliverence CD rage
22 Xynomorph mg-99 12" s/t
23 Somatic Responses wherever CD circumflex
24 Apoptose abschied von der sonne CD nordland