PLAYLIST 2002m09d29

1 Psyche dreamstreet LP mystery hotel
2 Front 242 no shuffle MD re-boot live
3 Front 242 tragedy for you
(punish your machinemix)
4 The Unit vs Scarlatron solid state V/A galactic equator
5 Lassigue Bendthaus render CD render
6 Heavy Water Factory strange
(nineteen hours a week mx)
CD cries from hell
7 Index world warhead broadcasting CD faith in motion
8 Plastic Noise Experience city of lies (remix 3) CD raw cuts,demos and tapes pt.1
9 Machineries Of Joy wahre arbeit,wahrer lohn MCD machineries of joy
10 Scapa Flow join the line CD the guide
11 Amgod in the orbit of a comet DCD celtic circle sampler part two
12 Clock DVA eternity (live version) DCD celtic circle sampler part two
13 DAF verehrt euren haarschnitt CD für immer
14 Signal Aout 42 to talk nonsense CD immortal collection 1983-1995
15 Chris and Cosey exotika V/A electronic body music
16 Kirlian Camera it was raining CD schmerz
17 Krieger kreuzweg 12" ...denn dein ist das reich
18 Tekniq digawerk CD compuglobalhypermeganet 2002
19 James Bernard gematria CD symphony for a biomechanical breakdown
20 Lumukanda mooove V/A natural born techno
21 Frames A Second framed theme CD nature in reverse
22 Pouppee Fabrikk retrospect CD crusader
23 Cat Rapes Dog cannibal hippies CD biodegradable
24 Sven Väth drifting like whales in the darkness CD accident in paradise
25 Starfish Pool wonder/mental slowed CD illusions of move - the golden cycle
26 Sven Väth caravan of emotions CD accident in paradise