PLAYLIST 13.Oktober 2002

1 Phlegm ?? CD ashes
2 Doubting Thomas that problem child CD father don't cry
3 Kirlian Camera/Dive twilight fields CD obsession
4 Arcana Obscura something wrong CD fields of the lost
5 Controlled Analog Programming go down V/A vertigo 4/1996
6 ;GRUMH... drama in the subway CD bloody side
7 Jihad specter CD a prayer in the night
8 Haus Arafna für immer 7" für immer
9 Suicide Commando murder CD stored images
10 2nd Communication break your truth EP the brain that binds your body
11 Nitzer Ebb join in the chant CD that total age
12 Die Krupps tod & teufel CD metall machine musik
13 Serpents protection CD terminal breath
14 Front 242 lovely day CD kampfbereit
15 Trial zero CD zero feeling
16 Remyl know the machine CD disruptor
17 Nigra Nebula tötung erfolgt CD life after life
18 Rorschach Garden down to the ground 7"
19 New Order this time of night CD low-life
20 Fad Gadget ricky's hand CD the fad gadget singles
21 The Human League rock'n' roll/night clubbing CD travelogue
22 Imperative Reaction syntax CD eulogy for the sick child
23 Laibach dogs of war CD nato
24 X Marks The Pedwalk the trap (second enclosure) V/A Industrial Revolution 3rd edition
25 Borderline regression EP clouds of violation
26 Nic Endo black light domination CD cold metal perfection
27 ELO here is the news CD time