PLAYLIST 27.Oktober 2002

1 Ultravox mr.x CD vienna
2 Ultravox dislocation CD systems of romance
3 A Split Second crimewave CD kiss of fury
4 Chris And Cosey hazey daze CD techno primitiv
5 Trauma visibility (feat.martin hall) CD phase III
6 CCCP made in russia CD live houston 1990
7 Panic On The Titanic crystal clear V/A gothic grimoire comp.2
8 Nitzer Ebb godhead MCD godhead live
9 Plattenkritik: Nobility Of Salt
10 Mesh in the light of day DCD fragmente 2
11 Plattenkritik: Beinhaus
12 Heavy Water Factory waking up in darkness CD author of pain
13 Plattenkritik: Project Pitchfork
14 Dive run CD first album
15 Plattenkritik: Lacrimosa
16 Blockhead die CD trial of tears
17 Object execution by night CD part-time paranoia
18 Pieter Nooten searching CD sleeps with the fishes
19 Orbital open mind V/A funky alternatives best of
20 Din_Fiv ball & chain CD infinity
21 Silent Invasion entering the forest CD the dead born content
22 Digital Factor information society CD on demand
23 Evils Toy co existence CD illusion
24 Aghast View burst in crossfire CD nitrovisceral
25 Calva Y Nada paradies!? CD dias felizes