PLAYLIST 10.November 2002

1 Mentallo & The Fixer carbon based CD algorythum
2 á;Grumh... 2112 CD bloody side
3 Throbbing Gristle a debris of murder CD assume power focus
4 Numb god is dead CD koro
5 X 10 repulsion CD semblance
6 X 10 25 millions d'annees CD semblance
7 Lescure 13 natures in need CD s/t
8 Plastic Noise Experience one way order EP smalltown boy
9 Dupont more life CD ukraina
10 Dupont collaborate CD ukraina
11 Dive insanity MCD lies in your eyes
12 Dive lies in your eyes MCD lies in your eyes
13 Cat Rapes Dog rainy days MC property produces bodily injury
14 Bang Elektronika aktivierung! (live)  
15 yelworC world under fire DCD collection 1988-94
16 Aircrash Bureau machine CD exhibition
17 Majestic statolith CD no words, no misunderstandings
19 Mussolini Headkick the eagle has landed CD themes for violent retribution
20 Near Death Experience another age CD gloria,laus et honor
21 Beefcake hôte # 03 (dither rmx) EP hôte
22 <tekniq> formant CD compuglobalhypermeganet 2002
23 Beefcake hôte #1 EP hôte
24 Vromb le facteur humain 1 CD le facteur humain
25 MZ 412 in nomine dei CD in nomine dei nostri satanas luciferi excelsi
26 Yello sometimes (Dr.Hirsch) CD the new mix in one go
27 Moby great escape CD 18