PLAYLIST 24.November 2002

1 No Empty Room a chicken in the plate CD some lights behind the window
2 No Empty Room teresa on the table CD some lights behind the window
3 Autopilot world receiver CD world receiver
4 Plastic Noise Experience digital noise CD rauschen
5 Morgue Mechanism nature's freak CD the sweet apology of death
6 IC 434 obedience CD weathering skies
7 Mimic Mind suffering CD plunder for profit
8 Grafik Magazin homo-sapiens plays electro CD nachtprogramm
9 Michael Garrison the search CD in the regions of sunreturn and beyond
10 Communication Zero she's alone MCD alone
11 Karl Runau psycho rodeo CD beyond frequencies
12 Asche kiss the whip CD distorted disco
13 Digital Blood personality disorder CD spread the virus
14 Putrefy Factor 7 platzende wunde CD decay section
15 Vomito Negro blind eyes CD the new drug
16 Individual Totem branching universe I /
human mutilations /
branching universe II
CD s.e.t.i.
17 Kraftwerk europa endlos CD trans europa express
18 Tribe Of Circle when tears turn to solidity CD rien ne disparait jamais vraiment...
19 Trial fear CD secret pain
20 Front 242 the untold CD tyranny for you