PLAYLIST 22.Dezember 2002

1 Boards Of Canada disengade 12" disengade
2 MAS 2008 punished by machines CD punished by machines
3 Neural Network man-machine CD kinesthetics
4 Tim Schuldt absurd CD single-collection
5 Authentik a 10 CD preamplified
6 Converter error CD blast furnace
7 Necro Facility doghouse demo
8 Skinny Puppy chainsaw MCD chainsaw
9 Pankow i'm lost little girl CD gisela
10 Snog the ballad CD buy me...i'll change your life
11 Pankow rotkäppchen CD gisela
12 Black Lung prozac parade CD silent weapons for quiet wars
13 Mortal Constraint clouds CD the legend of deformation
14 Red Sector A first mechanical V/A dream injection 2
15 Phonem ilisu CD ilisu
16 Haujobb solid state logic CD freeze frame reality
17 Trial fear CD secret pain
18 Abscess trip( despair) CD journey
19 Majestic i feel CD no words, no misunderstandings
20 Object synergy novel 2002 CD the reflecting skin
21 Tri.State dogma CD synopsis
22 Gaytron live in harmony CD phase I
23 T.H.D. no faith CD mechanical advantage
24 X Marks The Pedwalk zest CD freaks