PLAYLIST 29.Dezember 2002

1 THO/SO/AA integrated CD absorb
2 Press To Transmit drift CD outer dislocations
3 Architect pastgate CD galactic supermarket
4 Cleen smoking enemy? EP designed memories
5 Haujobb the cage complex CD solutions for a small planet
6 Chris & Cosey infectus CD trust
7 Zwischenfall flucht'84 CD gestern und heute
8 Frontline Assembly victim CD caustic grip
9 Oomph! u said (alzheimer mix) V/A how to use machinery II
10 D.N.S. overlove CD clouds and bombs
11 Cultivated Bimbo corruption CD configuration 1+2
12 Plattenkritik - Self Delusion - CD happiness hurts me
13 F.P.A.C. paralysed flesh CD campaign
14 Plattenkritik - De/Vision CD devolution
15 Psyche cathedral CD intimacy
16 Kirlian Camera drifting MCD drifting
17 Cabaret Voltaire sex in secret DCD listen up with cabaret voltaire
18 John Foxx he's a liquid CD metamatic
19 The Legendary Pink Dots the more it changes CD the golden age
20 Grauzone schlachtet! CD the sunrise tapes
21 Ringtailed Snorter absolute void CD sexual child abuse
22 Locust penetration CD truth is born of arguments
23 The Electric Hellfire Club incubus (leaether strip rmx) V/A industrial revolution part 3
24 Zombie Nation break it down CD leichenschmaus
25 Locust saturated love CD truth is born of arguments
26 Electrosmog nervschneider CD demo