PLAYLIST 5.Januar 2003

1 cEvin Key bobs shadow CD the ghost of each room
2 Last Delay fire V/A maschinenwelt compilation
3 Mentallo & The Fixer proxima CD algorythum
4 Last Delay dream delay EP jail
5 The Actor picture 210  
6 De/Vision the day's not done MCD promo
7 Stahlnetz vor all den jahren V/A abby - the compilation
8 Throbbing Gristle very friendly EP final muzak
9 Bakterielle Infektion mecānico/fire from the inside CD sleepless
10 Vomito Negro chicago cave CD shock
11 Deo Cadaver tranz anima CD s/t
12 Cat Rapes Dog samaritan EP the banzai beats
13 The Overlords organic? CD organic?
14 Inertia sin EP infiltrator
15 The Klinik face to face CD face to face/fever
16 Bad Sector + Contagious Orgasm emp CD vacuum pulse
17 Lustmord end titles CD zoetrope
18 Atomine Elektrine hesperia fossae CD archimetrical universe
19 Apoptose nordlicht CD nordland
20 Lustmord disintegration CD zoetrope
21 Steve Roach infinite shore CD the magnificent void
22 Disjecta facemaker CD looking for snags:here
23 Martin L.Gore motherless child EP counterfeit e.p.