PLAYLIST 23.Januar 2003

1 Substanz - t new-u CD tripped experiences
2 Substanz - t solution CD tripped experiences
3 >tekniq< formant CD compuglobalhypermeganet 2002
4 Pulse Legion relaese CD one thing
5 Signal Aout 42 submarine dance CD pro patria
6 Signal Aout 42 waterdome [brilliant mix] CD conviction
7 Front 242 7 rain new ep
8 Front 242 loud new ep
9 Umo Detic carpe diem V/A the world of techno
10 Bigod 20 it doesn't matter CD steelworks
11 Inside Treatment heaven CD underneath my purple shades
13 Human Decay state[medronho mx by MC1R] CD perfect visions
14 Mentallo & the Fixer murderers among us CD return to grinmpen ward
15 Front Line Assembly mental distortion CD caustic grip
16 Front Line Assembly collosion CD corroded disorder
17 Ministry so what CD the mind is a terrible thing...
18 Cat Rapes Dog primetime apocalypse DCD schizophrenia
19 Clock DVA the unseen CD buried dreams
20 yelworC spellbound CD brainstorming
21 Skinny Puppy yes he ran CD vivi sect vi
22 Insekt murder CD stress
23 Kraftwerk radioland CD radioactivity
24 OMD sealand CD architecture & morality
25 rausschmeisser