PLAYLIST 9.Februar 2003

1 For A Space bellism CD secrets behind
2 For A Space holoism CD secrets behind
3 echoRausch take 01 CD different waves
4 echoRausch psyche b CD different waves
5 Violet Arcana the world inside CD in the scene of the mind
6 Spetsnaz bloodsport CD choose your weapon - e.p.
7 Spetsnaz to the core (extended) CD choose your weapon - e.p.
8 Octoberland faceless CD mindhaven
9 T.H.D. no faith CD mechanical advantage
10 Prayer Tower electric state CD halo
11 Front Line Assembly gun CD tactical neural implant
12 Gracious Shades mind rape CD inoculation of the media
13 Gracious Shades he used a gun/nightmares CD inoculation of the media
14 Disharmony travel CD moonflower
15 Biohazard/PCB fall from grace CD V/A cybernetic biodread transmission
16 Front 242 modern angel (kmfdm remix) CD V/A the digital space between
17 echoRausch velomar CD different waves
18 For A Space borrowed thing CD secrets behind
19 Halbschlaf/Polygon interpolation 1.1
extrapolation 1.2
fokus 1.3
CD kalt
20 Chris & Cosey eternal CD muzik fantastique
21 Soma stygian vistas
(radio controlled)
CD stygian vistas
22 Disharmony dream CD moonflower
23 Index holistic fibrosis CD ultra hard shadow
24 Violet Arcana broken apart CD in the scene of the mind
25 M. Garrison to the other side of sky CD in the regions of sunreturn