PLAYLIST 16.Februar 2003

1 Ab OVO syllogium CD triode
2 Ab OVO triode CD triode
3 Forma Tadre sinus park CD automate
4 Psyche i'm a gentleman CD tales from the darkside
5 Invincible Limits love is a kind of mystery MCD love is a kind of mystery
6 ;GRUMH... 2112 CD bloody side
7 Lassigue Bendthaus information[] V/A latex tv oblivion
8 IC 434 approaching the woods CD drowning beyond
9 Digital Poodle snivel CD soul crush
10 Nitzer Ebb join in the chant[live] MCD godhead Live
11 Non-Aggression Pact flesh mecca CD gesticulate
12 DAF Plattenbesprechung
13 DAF sex MCD der sheriff
14 Das Kombinat mutter plastik V/A art & dance
15 SPK beruftverböt CD information overload unit
16 Megaptera sighatul - marmatei DCD beyond the massive darkness
17 Intermix anguish CD intermix
18 Gracious Shades mind rape CD inoculation of the media
19 Spahn Ranch antibody CD collateral
20 Object execution by night CD part-time paranoia
21 Batz Without Flesh retention CD initial stages
22 Anstalt hoka hey V/A tomorrow never came
23 No Empty Room a chicken in the plate CD some lights behind the window
24 For A Space battle on planet x CD secrets behind
25 echoRausch sens CD different.waves
26 Synaesthesia new horizons CD embody
27 Violet Arcana broken apart CD in the scene of the mind
28 Forma Tadre lo rez skyline CD automate