PLAYLIST 23.März 2003

1 Violet Arcana the world inside CD in the scene of the mind
2 Violet Arcana broken apart CD on the scene of the mind
3 A Split Second mambo witch [12" vs] MCD the colosseum crash
4 Spetsnaz plaything EP choose your weapon
5 Nitzer Ebb murderous CD that total age
6 D.N.S. overlove CD clouds & bombs
7 Dark Illumination words a spoken CD realize the error
9 Recoil faith healer V/A cover classics
10 DAF ich bin tot CD 15 neue DAF lieder
11 DAF ich bin morgen wieder da CD 15 neue DAF lieder
12 Allied Vision all the dead CD unburied
13 Front 242 CD kampfbereit
14 Front 242 take one CD kampfbereit
15 Pain Station i think i want to CD dead is dead
16 Plastic Noise Experience clean head [sonic unit mx]  
17 Cyberthreat half human half vulcianian CD Y2K
18 Lescure 13 spastic motions CD s/t
19 The Rorschach Garden a friendly kind of energy  
20 Kraftwerk electric cafe CD electric cafe
21 Mlada Fronta xb_33 CD high tension
22 Genocide Organ in the ghetto CD genocide organ
23 Limbo neutodeskunst CD l'etre et le nèant
24 Kode IV disobey CD insane
25 outro