PLAYLIST 6.April 2003

1 Front 242 together CD pulse
2 Front 242 triple x girlfriend CD pulse
3 Front 242 one - with the fire CD pulse
4 Dismantled circular CD dismantled
5 For A Space 2005 DLP V/A automation
6 Gus Gus purple CD polydistortion
7 Autopilot lovely loop CD world receiver
8 Substanz - t new-u CD tripped experiences
9 Severed Heads tiny wounded bird CD gigapus
10 E.C.M. bastard (quiet) CD ambivalence
11 Forma Tadre fx on a human subject CD navigator
12 Mortal Constraint basic fear EP second move
13 Chris & Cosey eternal CD muzik fantastique!
14 For A Space phaseadvancer Si desire
15 Donnacha Costello your new god CD together is the new alone
16 Conjure One center of the sun CD conjure one
17 Andrea Parker some other level CD kiss my arp
18 Icehouse icehouse LP icehouse
19 This Digital Ocean omen CD digital mysticism
20 Alphaville summer in berlin (demo) CD-Box dreamscapes
21 Front 242 beyond the scale of comprehension CD pulse
22 No Empty Room a chicken in a plate CD some lights behind the window
23 Ab OVO soundgate CD triode
24 Otium proceeding DLP V/A automation
25 Arbre Noir breathe CD serpent
26 Unit sleep sequence.a CD the narcoleptic symphony
27 Atomine Elektrine hesperia fossae CD archimetrical universe