PLAYLIST 13.April 2003

1 Audiokular piece of reality CD demo
2 Polyspace the call CD demo
3 Clock DVA the inversion CD digital soundtracks
4 Decoded Feedback passion of flesh CD technophoby
5 Front 242 beyond the scale of comprehension CD pulse
6 Front 242 together CD pulse
7 Benestrophe dog lab
[an early morning rmx]
V/A Dora Blue
8 De/Vision hunters MCD dinner without grace
9 Martin L.Gore das lied vom einsamen mädchen CD counterfeit 2
10 Martin L.Gore i cast a lonesome shadow CD counterfeit 2
11 Absent Minded killer rmx MCD killer
12 Insekt dreams in pockets [rockblockmix] MCD dreams in pockets
13 Vomito Negro timebomb CD fireball
14 Leaether Strip japanese bodies [live] EP material
15 Klute hey fuck da' world EP excel
16 Digital Poodle division! CD division!
17 Digital Factor falling down MCD falling down
18 Snog corporate slave CD lies inc.
19 Heavy Water Factory weaking up in darkness CD author of pain
20 Die Form heart of the monsters CD some exp.with shock
21 Japan ghosts CD oil on canvas
22 Plastic Noise Exp. treat the world DCD transmitted memory
23 Trisomie 21 il se noie CD side by side
24 Haujobb violator CD polarity
25 Polyspace corridors CD demo
26 Xingu Hill zone CD relay