PLAYLIST 27.April 2003

1 Architect untitled 3 CD promo
2 Architect untitled 2 CD promo
3 echoRausch velomar CD different waves
4 LFO intro CD frequencies
5 LFO lfo CD frequencies
6 Click Click whiteout V/A the o-files vol.3
7 Bakterielle Infektion living in the underground CD dreamless
8 Graphik Magazin homo-sapiens plays electro CD nachtprogramm
9 Gary Numan down in the park [live] DCD ghost
10 Kraftwerk schaufensterpuppen CD trans europa express
11 Prayer Tower electric state CD halo
12 Majestic statolith CD no words,no misunderstandings
14 Schnitt Acht killing all the time CD subhuman minds
15 E.C.M. games CD ambivalence
16 Index bliss CD black light, twilight
17 Seven Trees going down CD embracing the unknown
18 yelworC data - control DCD collection 1988-94
19 Skinny Puppy sleeping beast CD remission & bites
20 In Slaughter Natives sacred worms V/A living for music
21 Klinik fever CD states
22 Mist transformation CD fragments of transformation
23 Placebo Effect rough vibes CD manipulated mind control
24 dISHARMONY dirty soul CD moonflower
25 Reinhold Heil & Johnny Klimek wall of photos CD O.S.T. one hour photo
26 Violet Arcana the world inside CD in the scene of the mind