PLAYLIST 11.Mai 2003

1 in the far dustance CD the bitter end
2 needle sharing clicks per second CD panacea shares needles with tarmvred
3 Chineseblack supernova CD mainstream
4 Assemblage 23 coward CD contempt
5 Dulce Liquido disolucion CD disolution
5 Invisible Limits shadows MCD love is a kind of mystery
6 The Invincible Spirit perfect circles CD current news
7 Placebo Effect chlorid CD past..present
8 Plastic Noise Exp. digital noise [PNE rmx] CD DJ Pool 97
9 Vomito Negro fire burns CD dare
10 The Eternal Afflict crash course... CD trauma rouge
11 Decoded Feedback this world CD bio-vital
12 Klinik nautilus [ah cama sotz rmx] Box end of the line
13 Dive rocket u.s.a. CD no pain - no game
14 Noisex ka-vau drummer CD out of order
15 Arcana Obscura something wrong CD fields of the lost
16 Disastrous Din glasshouse CD 1
17 DAF sex MCD der sheriff
18 Laibach sympathy for the devil CD sympathy for the devil
19 OOmph! foil CD unrein
20 In The Nursery harmonia CD deco
21 In The Nursery deco CD deco
22 Pankow treuhund CD treue hunde
23 Peter Licht Popkultur/Meide CD vierzehn lieder