PLAYLIST 18.Mai 2003

1 Atomine Elektrine sagittarius cloud CD archimetrical universe
2 Decoded Feedback no way out CD overdosing
3 Haujobb your pilot CD polarity
4 Bola versivo CD soup
5 Audiokular r.o.a.m. CD demo
  SPECIAL >12.WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN 2003 [Cold Meat Industry Night..08.06.2003 Werk II]---
6 Brighter Death Now payday CD may all be dead
7 Deutsch Nepal drugmother V/A heilige feuer
8 Coph Nia opus 77 CD that which remains
9 In Slaughter Natives truth awakening 5CD Box Re-Enter Salvation
10 Raison D'Etre archetypon ataraxia CD reflections from the time of opening
11 Coph Nia doppelgänger CD that which remains
12 Coph Nia sanctus CD that which remains
13 Arcana dark age of reason CD dark age of reason
14 Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio liebe utopia/on waves of silken carnage CD make love,and war - the wedlock of roses
15 Arcana eternal sleep V/A the hearts of shadow gods
16 Raison D'Etre auto-dafe CD reflections from the time of opening
17 In Slaughter Natives sacrosancts bleed 5CD Box Re-Enter Salvation
18 Puissance control CD let us lead
19 Mental Destruction krossa CD when madness strikes
20 Polygon scape 12 DCD omnon
21 Dernière Volonté souvenirs de demain CD les blessures de l'ombre
22 TAGC the invader DCD deepnet
23 Land néo-noir CD opuscule
24 Atomine Elektrine tithonium chasma CD archimetrical universe