PLAYLIST 15.Juni 2003

1 Dataraper dark prophet CD carbon flora
2 Dataraper carbon flora CD carbon flora
3 Binärcode anorexia MCD 01001- 01010
4 Forma Tadre gates CD navigator
5 Displacer bits & bytes CD moon - phase
6 Displacer exponent CD moon - phase
7 Beefcake A 1 12" spontaneous human combustion
8 Beefcake untitled CD drei
9 Black Lung fucking the monsterous music MCD profound and sentimental journey
10 Passarani engine [low pitch edit] CD unspeakable future outbreaks
11 Loss Of Centre dirty honour CD humans loosing humanity
12 Placebo Effect last walk [through my life] CD manipulated mind control
13 Vomito Negro nuclear garbige [electro rock] CD fireball
14 Kevorkian Death Cycle spring heel jack CD collection for injection
15 Dataraper shame for happiness CD carbon flora
16 Stigma laboratories of crime CD inhumanity
17 8KHZ Mono irq 15 EP monolog e.p.
18 Borderline regression EP clouds of violation
19 Haujobb the noise institute CD promo
20 Asche zapped [rmx by architect] DCD distorted dj
21 Frontline Assembly landslide CD state of mind
22 Inside Treatment experiment CD isolated suburban psychokillers in coma
23 Die Form silent order CD confessions
24 Mentallo & The Fixer stellar cascade CD return to grimpen ward