PLAYLIST 29.Juni 2003

1 Dataraper carbon return
[mix by mlada fronta]
CD carbon flora
2 Forma Tadre celebrate the cult CD navigator
3 Haujobb nezzwerk CD freeze frame reality
4 bEnESTroPHe endangered species CD sensory deprivation
5 yelworC undertaker DCD collection 1988 - 94
6 Skinny Puppy cult CD the process
7 Velvet Acid Christ let's kill all these motherfuckers CD church of acid
8 Blind Vision don't look at me V/A the world of techno
9 Pain Station flatline CD disjointed
10 Displacer lying in wait[ch.district rmx] CD moon phase
11 Kenny Larkin maritim V/A dream injection
12 Fetisch69 omega-tier CD atomized
13 Fetisch69 cancer days CD atomized
14 Front Line Assembly shutdown CD gashed senses & crossfire
15 Pouppée Fabrikk retrospect CD crusader
16 Nitzer Ebb hearts and minds CD belief
17 Numb closer CD language of silence
18 Panacea stormbringer CD low profile darkness
19 Paranonia aquiline CD paranonia
20 Aurechre eggshell CD incunabula
21 Displacer atrophied CD moon_phase
22 Loss of Centre beneath surface CD humans loosing humanity
23 Audiokular piece of reality CD demo
24 Implant Code hyperspace enter V/A dream injection
24 Code atlantic CD the architect
25 echoRausch take01 CD different waves
26 Press To Transmit drift CD outer dislocations