PLAYLIST 13.Juli 2003

1 dISHARMONY travel [ remixed by polygon ] V/A overflow
2 Samhain undefinable V/A overflow
  [ ]
3 Unit blue/grey wallpaper CD the narcoleptic symphony
4 Andrea Parker some other level CD kiss my arp
5 Violet Arcana the world inside CD in the scene of the mind
6 Placebo Effect agony of mind CD bad dreams
[live in erfurt]
7 Frontline Assembly toxic MCD mindphaser
8 Pail paver structure CD epidemic
9 Dismantled on your knees MCD dystopia
10 Kalte Farben reality dust CD opium
11 Numb blind [ mentallo mix ] V/A the o-files III
12 Klute get out! EP excel
13 Mimic Mind our house CD plunder for profit
14 Shift obertica MCD electrofixx
15 Yeht Mae lynaka says don't dream CD eam they
16 Out Out admire the question CD pepperbox muzzle
17 Placebo Effect mystress CD bad dreams
[live in erfurt]
18 Skinny Puppy harsh stone white CD vivi sect vi
19 Oxyd space worms pt.1 V/A overflow
20 the weakest point CD the bitter end
21 MC1R jesus christus CD demo
22 For A Space intervene V/A overflow
23 THO-SO-AA what should i do to her? CD absorb
24 Black Lung the dawn of love EP profound and sentimental journey
25 dISHARMONY dream CD moonflower
26 Violet Arcana broken apart CD in the scene of the mind