PLAYLIST 17.Juli 2003

1 Polygon approximation 7" beyond nothing
2 bEnESTroPHe hypocrite CD auric fires
3 Swamp Terrorists nightmare CD grim - stroke - disease
4 Blind Vision d.d.f. MCD don't look at me
5 Pain Station i think i want to CD dead is dead
6 For A Space intervene V/A overflow
7 Chris and Cosey akshun CD action
8 Throbbing Gristle what a day! CD assume power focus
9 Cabaret Voltaire seconds too late CD the living legends
10 Coil circles of mania CD horse rotorvator
11 Duet Emmo or so it seems CD or so it seems
12 Last Delay fire V/A maschinenwelt
13 Prayer Tower electric state CD halo
14 Click Click what a world CD rorschach testing
15 Nine Inch Nails something i can never CD pretty hate machine
16 Coil paranoid inlay CD musick to play in the dark 2
17 Lassigue Bendthaus angie [miniature numerique] EP angie/ashes to ashes
18 Displacer exponent CD moon-phase
19 Coph Nia prime mover CD shape shifter
20 Band Of Pain beat out desire CD sacred flesh - soundtrack
21 Arbre Noir sacred CD serpent
22 Black Lung the universal impasse EP profound and sentimental ...
23 Disjecta dormin CD looking for snags : here
24 OMD introducing radios CD organisation
25 OMD distance fades between us CD organisation