PLAYLIST 10.August 2003

1 Prayer Tower crash out CD halo
2 Haujobb platform CD vertical theory
3 Haujobb renegades of noise CD vertical theory
4 Manufacture obsolete LP terrorvision
5 Nitzer Ebb backlash (william orbit mix) MCD shame
6 Spetsnaz silent screams CD choose your weapon
7 X Marks The Pedwalk arbitrary execution 12" arbitrary execution
8 Recoil stone CD hydrology
9 Individual Totem radar trance CD s.e.t.i.
10 Soma soma romanz (clovus) CD hollow earth
11 Mnemonic a day on my own (feat.tekita) V/A square matrix 002
12 For A Space 2005 V/A automation
13 echoRausch take 01 CD different waves
14 Otium proceeding V/A automation
15 He Said could you? (too) CD take care
16 dISHARMONY dirty soul CD moonflower
17 Last Delay youth V/A vertigo 01.96
18 I,Parasite skeleton key (by android lust) CD horseslayer
  ab 23.47 Uhr Mix-CD by RiBi