PLAYLIST 24.August 2003

1 Haujobb solid state logic CD freeze frame reality
2 Velvet Acid Christ hypoxia CD hex angel (utopia-dystopia)
3 Recoil luscious apparatus CD unsound methods
4 Kalte Farben reality dust CD opium
5 Download base metal CD the eyes of stanley pain
6 Front Line Assembly bio-mechanic CD tactical neural implant
7 Gracious Shades this blackness CD aberkash
8 Mortal Constraint eternal recurrence CD the legend of deformation
7 Gridlock wound CD the synthetic form
8 This Mortal Coil the horizon bleeds and sucks its thumb CD filigree an shadow
10 Gruesome Twosome hallucination generation CD candy from strangers
11 MAS 2008 u can`t emulate a soul CD punished by machines
12 Clock DVA final programm CD man amplified
13 Lassigue Bendthaus fiber CD render
14 T.H.D. no faith CD mechanical advantage
15 A-Head deepdown MCD deepdown
16 Architect track 3 CD demo
17 dISHARMONY travel CD moonflower
  ab 23.48 Uhr Polygon DCD omnon CD 2 "purpose" komplett!