PLAYLIST 7.September 2003

1 The Future Sound Of London omnipresence DCD lifeforms
2 Soma god sends the meat... (rmx) CD stygian vistas
3 Snog the fruits CD beyond the valley of the proles
4 Haujobb creator CD ninetynine
5 Violet Arcana the world inside CD in the scene of the mind
6 Forma Tadre serpent charmer CD navigator
7 Heavy Water Factory strange (rmx) CD cries from hell
8 Architect track 7 CD demo
9 Björk enjoy (rmx) CD telegram
10 Scorn hedrake CD governor
11 Mist transformation CD fragments of transformation
12 Click Click playground CD rorschach testing
13 The Northern Territories sleep without dreams CD satellite people
14 Trisomie 21 joh`burg CD side by side
15 Cultivated Bimbo ready to reveal (12") CD configuration 1+2
16 Insekt bacteria CD music from belgium
17 Mainesthai my animosity CD out to lunch
18 Pankow love is the biggest pig CD wodka,erdbeeren....
19 Skinny Puppy who`s laughing now? CD VIVIsectVI
20 The Klinik plague CD-Box end of the line
21 Rauschfaktor zeitsprung CD aquarium
22 Synaesthesia orion nebula DCD desideratum
23 Apoptose nordlicht CD nordland
24 Violet Arcana inward sight CD in the scene of the mind
25 Arovane norvum CD atol scrap
26 Squaremeter in the far distance CD the bitter end