PLAYLIST 7.März 2004

1 Breathe dawn CD the laughing dolls
2 Abscess trip ( despair) CD journey
3 Abscess forged voices CD journey
4 Liquid Divine low life complex CD demo
5 Liquid Divine remember tomorrow CD demo
6 Liquid Divine kaleidoscope (mix) CD demo
7 Liquid Divine 9 to 5 CD demo
8 Dismantled exit MCD exit
9 Chiasm disorder (rmx by threat level 5) V/A diva x machina 4
10 Numeriklab losing faith V/A diva x machina 4
11 The Eternal Afflict isolation comes V/A diva x machina 4
12 Spetsnaz insomnia CD grand design
13 Spetsnaz hold on CD grand design
14 Skinny Puppy inquisition (extended) MSi inqisition
15 Yelworc bloodwhited CD trinity
16 Disharmony zoomer (sauron rmx) CD zoomer
17 Polygon approximation 7" beyond nothing
18 Stephen Huss belial CD void logic
19 Raison D`Ętre ordeal in chapel CD prospectus 1
20 Polyspace model CD tactual sense
21 Abscess trip (...inside) CD journey
22 Robert Rich & Ian Boddy state of flux CD outpost
23 Carl A. Finlow anomaly CD electrilogy
24 Recoil the defector CD bloodline
25 Newt patina CD 37°C
26 Raison D`Ętre in absence of light CD in sadness,silence and solitude
27 Lustmord ixaxaar CD the monstrous soul
28 Disharmony dark rivers (oxyd rmx) CD zoomer