PLAYLIST 14.März 2004

1 Autechre further CD amber
2 Eon Project intra neutral power CD brain filter
3 Front Line Assembly bio-mechanic CD tactical neural implant
4 Skinny Puppy optimissed OST underworld
5 Placebo Effect psychotrauma CD live 1994 erfurt glashalle
6 Mortal Constraint clouds CD the legend of deformation
7 Polygon scared CD refuge
8 Audiokular piece of reality V/A overflow
9 Liquid Divine low life complex CD demo
10 Dark Illumination concrete age CD pathfinder
11 X Marks The Pedwalk helpless DCD experiences
12 Leather Strip mortal thoughts CD solitary confinement
13 Nitzer Ebb fun to be had CD showtime
14 C.A.P. going down CD statement
15 Pankow kunst und wahnsinn MX kunst und wahnsinn
16 O.M.D. statues CD organisation
17 Ultravox your name CD rage in eden
18 Pieter Nooten & Michael Brook searching CD sleeps with the fishes
19 Violet Arcana inward sight CD in the scene of the mind
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