PLAYLIST 9.Oktober 2005

1 Destroid Sir William Future Prophecies
2 Lustmord Uterance Paradise Disowned
3 Fisherspooner Just let go D-Side #27 - Sampler
4 Electronicat Dans les bois D-Side #27 - Sampler
5 Brockdorff Klang Labor Grenzenlos war Sprich, erinnerung, Sprich
6 DAF Wer schön sein will, muß leiden Für Immer
7 Front 242 Tragedy for you Slow mix ;-
8 VROMB Mecanibloc Emmission Pilote / Perimetrie 3
9 Monolith Asynchrone Counter tribal globe
10 à;GRUMH... Chilly Bag A hard knight's day
11 Plastikman marbles Musik
12 Front 242 Funkahdafi 12" Maxi
13 Destroid Existence Future Prophecies
14 Heavy Water Factory indivisable translucent amber
15 Autechre Basscadet remix
16 The Higher Intelligence Agency Re-Echo colourform
17 KLINIK Surviving In Europe Winterkälte-Remix
18 Skinny Puppy t.f.w.o. Too dark park
19 Unit (ohne Titelanangabe -Titel 10) The Narcoleptic Symphony
20 Autechre The Trees Untilted
21 black lung the universal impasse Profound and sentimental journey" Maxi
22 Namlook XV The Colony Free your mind
23 Breathe Tenebre Part I & II ("the laughing dolls")
24 haujobb attallal electronic art
25 AH CAMA SOTZ Mantra-XX Mantra" EP
26 Destroid Soul Asylum Future Prophecies
27 polyspace soewhere inside tactual sense
28 raison d'être reflecting in shadows in Sadness, silence and solitude
29 raison d'être in abscence of light in Sadness, silence and solitude
30 raison d'être the well of sadness in Sadness, silence and solitude
31 raison d'être deep enshrouded in Sadness, silence and solitude
32 raison d'être falling twilight in Sadness, silence and solitude
33 raison d'être passing inner shield in Sadness, silence and solitude