PLAYLIST 23.Oktober 2005

1 Architect St. Vodka The Analysis Of Noise Trading
2 SOMA Soma Romanz Hollow Earth
3 Namlook The Real World A View to a Chill
4 Polygon time-fire mental border
5 Lagowski Maitresse Ashita
6 Skinny Puppy d0wnsizer The Greater Wrong of the Right
7 Heavy Water Factory meaningless translucent amber
8 Noise Unit Firing Line Decoder
9 Michael Garrison take a chance in the regions of sunreturn and beyond
10 s.e.t.i. gathering . journey space 1" - Sampler
11 SYNAESTHESIA consciousness desideratum
12 Ah Cama-Sotz Lustt Épitaphe
13 Thomas P. Heckmann 10:27:16 Raum
14 Disjecta 1.0 Here WAP68CD.
15 Architect Speed O.J. The Analysis Of Noise Trading
16 Destroid Into the deepest dark Future Prophecies
17 Gods Die Later camosa Delirium
18 En Nihil Final Bliss Edit ("Death Keeps")
19 En Nihil Blood + Bone Death Keeps
20 En Nihil Fall Death Keeps
21 En Nihil Open your Eyes and see death Death Keeps
22 En Nihil Drift III Death Keeps