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Informations about the monthly dark disco Moon Light Dance in Ilmenau  

A list of dark discos in Germany, dates, photos, lyric, forum to the Wave Gotik Treffen, many links to bands, labels, zines, fetish  

A big black page of Swisserland  

Gigantic link collection of many black pages  

L'Etoile Noire - all dates for dark discos in Berlin and Hamburg  

Psychos Productions - impressions of black people: snapshots, some videos and a diary  

Russian gothic page  

Scheitans world - many informations about the german black szene, lyrics, nice photos, webring, links  

Daya shows you a part of her world  

Neph - a little black Scorpio of Texas  

Gothic People - find the shadows of the night  

Pictures of darkness and many links to satanic, occultism and other black sites  

Stokers Night and Gothomania in Erfurt - now one of the big gothic-industry-events in this area
Backgrounds, photos and dates  

Of a soul lost in the land of Sorrow
Lyric and impressing photos of graveyards and tombs  

A french gothic-site with photos of graveyards, people, the crow (under 'Clair Obscur') and much to read (for people who can understand french)  

Website of a black model  

Gothic Portal - several links related to the scene