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For a change something of India ...


After a long time some new photos of me.


User of modems and other slow connections can be happy. Because now it's possible to load the photos into the cache of the browser. The loading will take some time, but than you can see the photos immediately after pushing the thumbnails.

For this YOU find in every gallery the link load photos into the cache.
Enter it and twiddle your thumbs ...

After only one night my PERL script for the newsletter is ready now. So YOU can get this news by e mail. It will not be verry often. Maybe every second month. So don't be afraid of fucking spam!

Innumerable days and nights I sat at the project which I began 9 months ago and now it's finally ready! A small PERL program, with which YOU can send my photos to friends as virtual postcard. It's possible that many people can't believe that such easy looking thing can make sooo much work. There where also many little things, to which I attached importance. These are about 2400 program lines, together fat 82 KB source code, which I wrote completely by hand. Nothing like copy from here and steal from there. In addition mostly it's better to do it yourself. At font size 10 in Courier New it's a 43 sides long text. And now somebody should tell me a lazy monkey (-;
Greetings to the super community of perl.de, which helped me for many tricky problems.

Under each photo YOU find this link now: Send this photo as an e card.
Just click to it an go on ...

Now I have still some days left of my holidays, which I can use to make ready some new photos *g*

Finally I have holiday. So I want to sit down again to the computer and make ready something new. Until then there are some photos in the guest gallery.


Eternal I took to make ready some new photos and I'm always surprised how many hours and nights I need. To the photos if India I did write some words again. Maybe it's more interesting, when you know something about the background. At translating I was always leafing througt the dictionary, but about the half of my guests is surfing on my english part and so I like to do this work. It's only sad that nearly nobody of them gaves me a feedback. And in the other new gallery are photos from someone of Chicago, who I did meet in the web.


Two long nights were it this weekend, what I did spend in of front of the computer to make ready some new pics, instead of dancing in a disco.
Now it's nearly ten o'clock on Monday morning and my eyes feel to close every moment.
In 4 hours I have to go to university, so I think slowly I can go sleeping.
And some people mean this would be unnormal ??


This site is nearly one year old now. The time was running verry fast and only from time to time I added something new. When I see the over 4000 visitors by now, I get scarlet ears and chew on my fingernails, because I feel awful about the 240 people who drop in every week and nothing was done.
I thank YOU that you did come again.
And if YOU are here the first time I say welcome, too.
When there is something new, you'll see it on this page.

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